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Issue N°03

Issue N°03

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Free Time is an international biannual edition that strives to shine a spotlight on people who express themselves during their free time. An advocate for creativity, Free Time is an ode to self-expression, free creation, and intuition — time seen as a constant source of inspiration.


Free Time N°03 is dedicated to Changes. This third issue is a collection of posters exploring free time as a period of transformation in which perspectives change and transitions commence - a time to embrace the simplicity and mystery of life.


Free Time N°03 includes contributions by Alec Soth, Bea De Giacomo, Ash Allen, Aurel Schmidt, Nick Waplington, Marton Perlaki, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Pol Anglada, Older, Chris Ashworth, Nick Sethi, Thomas Mailaender, Alex Valentina, Mario Melis, Waka Waka & Iko Iko, Alice Moitié, Kezako, Gaspar Willmann, Alix Lacloche, Stefan Wewerka.


Dimensions: 315 x 380 mm

This pack includes 20 posters, among which a paper plane to build.

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